Solar Power Volume (MWh) - Germany 2020 B

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This product provides access to historical Solar Power Volume (MWh) index values for Germany. Speedwell Climate has developed and maintains a proprietary model, “Solar Power Germany ERA5 SSRD 2020 B”, that converts gridded solar radiation into theoretical energy production for solar powered generation assets.

“Solar Power Germany ERA5 SSRD 2020 B” is calculated using metadata (installed assets) as of December 2020, at which time Speedwell Climate have estimated the total installed capacity to be 52.60 GW.



Germany (complete geographical area)


Solar Power Germany ERA5 SSRD 2020 B


Hourly MWh

Data Source

Speedwell Climate 

Product Options (Sample Data / Complete Series)

The sample timeseries includes 5-years of hourly index values beginning approximately 3-months ago and then extending 5-years into the past.  

The complete timeseries includes hourly index values from January 1, 1979 till approximately 3-months ago.

Data Usage 

Usage of this data is restricted to internal usage only.  If your usage needs include the use of data for consulting, for the display of information on a public website, or for any non-internal purposes please contact us directly for pricing and contracting.

Usage of this data is for analysis and structuring of hedges.  This data is not to be used for "settlement" / determine the outcome of a financial instrument.

Subscription Period

Timeseries are provided as a one-off delivery.

Product Delivery

Web delivery:  Instantaneous access to historical index values (via web download).  Web download link provided immediately upon purchase.