Other Indices

Population Weighted Indices

Population Weighted Indices are used to model the impact of weather on energy demand. These indices are traditionally used as predictors of gas and power consumption and are therefore also appropriate for risk transfer relating to the energy markets.

  • Indices are available on a global basis. Our standard catalogue of indices includes 15+ countries as well as regional indices (Europe, ERCOT…). Custom indices can be produced on demand.
  • Standard meteorological variables include temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, and wind speed.
  • Index creation is accomplished by overlaying our database of high-quality weather stations on top of high resolution population data. Using the latest optimization modelling technology, Speedwell selects the best combination of stations to monitor the given population.

Climate Change Index

​​​​​​​The ICAP-Speedwell Global Climate Index (Surface Temperature) is designed to monitor changes to global temperature. 50 surface weather stations have been chosen based upon select criteria (long histories, accurate observations, reliable data updates, and the ability to produce Settlement Data) and combined to produce the index. As with all Speedwell indices this index is specifically designed to support parametric climate risk transfer.

Index Highlights

  • Historical data for structuring and pricing (1970 to present)
  • Forecasts (short term, monthly, and seasonal index forecasts)
  • Settlement Data (documentation, daily valuation, and settlement)
  • Live markets provided by ICAP

Agriculture Weighted Indices

​​​​​​​Agriculture weighted indices are used to monitor the weather impacting specific crop growing regions. These indices are designed for a user to quickly understand the potential weather stresses upon a crop (too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry). Historical index values, climatologies, ongoing index updates, and forecasts are available for each crop growing region.

Available Crops

Barley, cattle, citrus, cocoa, coffee, corn, cotton, grapes, hogs, nuts, oats, palm oil, potatoes, canola, rice, sorghum, soybean, sugar beet, sugarcane, sunflower, tobacco, wheat (spring and winter) and wheat durum

Available Regions

Indices are available for key growing regions specific to each crop. Regions have been developed based upon overall importance of a region (yield) as well as client feedback.

Using coffee as an example, the following indices are available

  • Brazil Arabica Minas Gerais South
  • Brazil Arabica North
  • Brazil Robusta Coastal
  • Colombia West (MAM)
  • India
  • Indonesia Arabica
  • Indonesia Robusta - Sulawesi
  • Indonesia Robusta - Sumatra