Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

The Environmental Driver of Our Business

We help businesses who are at the forefront of the energy transition to manage the financial risks associated with that transition. Our data sets, indices and software are used by businesses who are deploying green energy assets and for whom the risks associated with periods of low wind / low rainfall, for example, are material and possibly even existential. Our indices are used as the basis of financial hedging transactions helping companies reduce the uncertainty of such investments.

We note that the development of many asset classes has been accelerated by the ability of participants in those markets to exchange risks with other counterparties in an orderly manner allowing participants to reduce uncertainty and therefore drive investment in productive resources. This process has already occurred in the agricultural markets, in hydrocarbon-based markets and in the commodity markets. We believe that access to risk transfer tools in the renewables markets is a necessary condition for reducing dependency on fossil fuels. We make this possible.


Our most important asset is our reputation based on client service, integrity and consistency. This reputation has been earned over 20 years of commitment to the sector in which we operate. We are acutely aware of the vigilance necessary to maintain this and how easy it is to throw away. This philosophy underpins our relationship with our clients, without whom we would not exist.

We also believe that treating our suppliers with respect is important. While, unlike our clients, our suppliers are a means to an end, we do not believe that it is in the Group’s long-term interest to regard suppliers as a commodity. Business is forged on relationships. In particular we feel it is unethical to regard suppliers as a source of cashflow so we ensure they are paid in a timely manner


We believe that a commitment to client service and professional integrity is the only basis for running a business.

We will not enter into, or maintain, relationships with individuals or organisations engaged in, or suspected of having engaged in, illegal activities. New clients are accepted in accordance with applicable laws, rules and standards on money laundering.