Weather Data

High-quality global weather, climate & environmental observations

SuperPack Subscription

Speedwell SuperPack makes available an unprecedented range of high-quality weather / climate observations for a single annual fee.

As an enterprise license, all users within a company have unlimited access to our global database of surface observations and gridded data (additional fee).

In addition to observations users have access to Speedwell web tools (analogue years, actuals vs. climatology, index cone…), indices, and climatologies.

SuperPack subscribers are eligible for a 20% discount on settlement data produced by Speedwell Settlement Services.

Product Highlights

Over the past two decades Speedwell has curated an expansive database of high-quality global weather, climate, and environmental observations.

Our data offering is unique in that it is intended to be used by the financial markets for trading, structuring, and financial settlement.

Accuracy, reliability, and transparency is key to what we do.

Surface data includes observations taken by instrumentation typically located on the earth’s surface. Meteorological observations taken at weather stations, ocean conditions observed by buoys, river flow measured by hydrological networks.

Speedwell has sourced datasets from global National Meteorological Services and private 3rd party networks. Sourced datasets represent the highest quality data originating from an organization.

Data archives include historical data (typically 50+ years of observations depending upon the station) as well as ongoing observations updated each day.

Data is available as raw or cleaned data. Cleaned data is data that has been processed to detect data errors and missing values. These problematic data points are replaced or filled with estimated observations.

Surface Data is accessible via our web site, API, FTP, and the Speedwell Environmental System.

The Speedwell Database includes:

  • 100,000+ locations (see Online Inventory)
  • Daily, hourly, and sub hourly observations
  • Multiple weather variables including temperature, precipitation, wind speed, snowfall, snow depth, dewpoint…

Gridded datasets are datasets that have been created through interpolation, modelling, or a combination of the two. The resulting dataset is published as an equally spaced grid across the earth’s surface.

These datasets are created for different use cases. Some datasets excel at detecting drought in Africa, while others measure solar radiation in Australia, while others depict wind speeds at 100 meters above the earth’s surface. To meet client needs Speedwell processes ten of the most important gridded datasets (ARC2, BOM, CHIRPS, DWD, ERA5, EOS, MERRA2, NOAA CPC, PRISM, and the UK Met Office dataset)

Speedwell systems facilitate the extraction of “synthetic stations” and the creation of indices based upon gridded data.

Gridded datasets are accessible via our web site, API, FTP, and the Speedwell Environmental System.

Indices involve the combination of datasets, variables, and observation points to better model / understand a given system.

Speedwell has developed proprietary methodologies to build indices for the following use cases:

  • Agriculture – Speedwell has produced 120+ indices designed to monitor the meteorological conditions impacting crop regions around the world.
  • Energy – Population weighted indices combine baskets of weather stations to best monitor the weather impacting a given population.
  • Renewables – Utilizing gridded data coupled with an understanding of “installed capacity” the Speedwell Renewable indices depict theoretical power production (MWh) from regional wind and solar production facilities.

Speedwell supports the creation and management of custom indices for client needs. Clients can supply specific index methodologies or Speedwell can work with clients to design custom indices.