Speedwell Climate

Providing the critical indices, software, and trading tools for the climate risk transfer market.

Online Data Inventory

Global weather observations for 90,000+ locations

Renewable Energy Indices

Theoretical wind and solar power production indices. Specifically designed to meet the needs of risk transfer.

Financial Solutions

Indices, software and platforms to facilitate the global
transition to renewable energy

Wind Power Quanto Indices

Indices that reflect both wind and spot price fluctuations over a period of time

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Climate and Environmental Risk Transfer

Founded in 1999, Speedwell Climate and its group companies provide the historical data, indices and software necessary to structure, price, and settle index-based environmental risk transfer contracts worldwide including those based on renewable energy indices, temperature, rainfall and other environmental variables.

Renewable Energy Risk Transfer

Speedwell offers a range of indices that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of parametric risk transfer. Speedwell Renewable Power Production (MWh) for a given region or portfolio of wind or solar farms and are used to hedge volume risk. Our Wind Power Quanto indices combine both modeled wind generation and physical power price over a period allowing revenue risk or renewable-power price risk to be hedged.

Renewable Power Production indices | Wind Power Quanto Indices

Weather Data, Forecasts, and Indices

Speedwell is the leading supplier of high-quality global weather / environmental observations. We source our data from the relevant National Meteorological Service, standardize formatting and document observation conventions, and then clean datasets before delivery to our clients.
Forecast products are available as the proprietary Speedwell Downscaled forecast or as raw model forecasts. Based upon GFS and ECMWF forecast models we offer ensemble average as well as full forecast ensembles.
Speedwell Indices are designed to summarize the impact of weather upon a population, a growing region, and the global climate system.

Weather Data (Online Inventory) I Forecasts I Indices

Speedwell Settlement Services Ltd

Speedwell Settlement Services Ltd is the leading provider of meteorological and environmental Settlement Data for index-based risk-transfer contracts worldwide. With a focus on transparency, accuracy, and reliability we provide Settlement Data for both over the-counter transactions as well as exchange-listed contracts. Speedwell Settlement is regulated by the FCA as a Benchmark Administrator.

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weatherXchange® is a web delivered platform that helps companies access index-based climate risk protection. Companies exposed to risks relating to renewable energy generation, temperature, rainfall and other variables are able to use the platform to structure a hedge and then send pricing requests to multiple investors at a click of a button. The platform provides access to thousands of high quality data sets worldwide and a wizard to guide the user through the structuring process.

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Speedwell Environmental System (SES)

SES is an enterprise software system supporting hedgers and traders in the index-based climate risk market. SES offers front office contract valuation tools, middle office portfolio risk management and back office/trade reporting. SES has been used by traders of index based weather / climate risk contracts since its release in 2002.

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Financial Services

Over the past two decades Speedwell has developed a suite of financial services specifically designed for weather / climate risk management. These services are unique in that climate derivatives require a specialized understand of fundamentals.

Our services span the range from the pricing and structuring of hedges to contract / portfolio independent valuation, as well as margining and clearing. Our experience provides us with a unique insight on ‘standard’ market practices as well as a view on the best solutions for our clients.

Valuation Services