Gridded Data

Unlocking Consistency and Coverage

Gridded datasets are discrete products created by entities such as NOAA, ECMWF, NASA, Australia Bureau of Meteorology and others. Gridded data products are developed to provide spatially and temporally consistent data coverage and can be used to supplement or replace existing ground-based observations, which can often be sporadic, irregularly spaced or have fragmented historical records.

Gridded datasets are constructed using inputs including ground-based observations, satellite imagery, rainfall radar and oceanographic measurements. These are then used to run physical models of the type used in weather forecasting to create a series of “reanalysis data” interpolated to regular grids. These are available both at the ground surface and sometimes at levels through the atmosphere. Some products provide full global coverage for a range of weather variables, others may only provide regional datasets or single variables though these can be at a higher spatial resolution.

Gridded Data Products

Speedwell Climate makes available the dataset histories as well as regular updates for a range of gridded products including ERA5 (ECMWF), MERRA-2 (NOAA), ARC2 (NOAA), CHIRPS 2.0 (Climate Hazards Group) and various parameters from the Bureau of Meteorology (Australia) amongst others.



Meeting a Range of Needs

Gridded Data products exist to meet a variety of uses: some are well suited to modelling climate change, others are appropriate for regional rainfall measurements. Some datasets can provide a useful synthetic (generally homogenous) historical time series to replace or supplement ground-based weather observations.

Speedwell systems and software are capable of generating ‘synthetic’ weather stations. We are also able to offer regional derived Indices based upon gridded data. Gridded data has become particularly important in modelling renewable energy production and are at the heart of Speedwell’s indices for wind and solar risk transfer.



Accessing the Data

Gridded datasets are accessible via our web site, API, FTP, and the Speedwell Environmental System.

Gridded data can be licenced ad-hoc or through SuperPack® Premium which provides corporate-wide access to a wide range of data.