Surface Observations

Over the past twenty years we have focused on the aquisition, processing, and cleaning of datasets to build a global database of high quality surface observations. These efforts have culminated in a database consisting of 100,000+ station, multiple variables, a range of temporal observations, and variable record lengths. 

Data Access Instructions

Step #1 - Select Datasets

Using the Google Map interface navigate to a station of interest -> Review the data inventories and then select "Quote Request" -> FIllout the form with details concenrig your requst -> Add the item to your Quote Cart.

Step #2 - Submit Order for Review

Review the Quote Cart and add relevant information where prompted. Submit the Quote Cart for review by the Speedwell DataTeam.

Step #3 - Data Review

The Speedwell DataTeam will review your request to confirm the quality of the data, improve upon the data where possible (data cleaning), and prepare comments / recomendations for the user. DataTeam will contact you via email to confirm the order.

Step #4 - Data Purchase / Delivery

DataTeam will send you an invoice / purchase order via email. Click on the link to purchase data. If you have no done so already you will be prompted to create an account. Once logged in you can complete the credit card forms to purchase the dataset. Once DataTeam receives confirmation of the purchase the dataset will be delivered to you via email.

Instantanoues Data Access

A limited number of datasets are available for instantaneous download via our online store. Stations with instant downloads will be flagged as having this option. These purchases can be added to the Shopping Cart and purchased using online checkout. After payment is made you will receive an email with a link to download the dataset.